Microcontroller work
Microchip PIC,dsPIC
Texas Instruments MSP430

One of my old projects was working with wireless network sensors - "motes" using Atmel AVR microcontrollers. These were originaly developed at UC Berkeley.
Check out the TinyOS Community and MEMSIC for more information.

This is an example of some data from a Mica2 mote with a 2 axis accelerometer. The mote is being rotated across the x and y axis. When the accelerometer axis is at right angles to the ground you see a positive or negative bump. The data is being saved in flash memory on the microconterller and sent in "real time" over a 900MHz radio link to a radio transceiver - ethernet bridge connected to a PC (this a screen capture from the PC). The PC software is a Windows program written in C/C++.